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Couple weekends ago and before all the off-road sidecar guys arrived my friend Robert (2007 XT225) and I (1991 XR250L) spent a lot of quality time "at-speed" carousing Wharton State Forest. Geography can go from Death Valley dry to Mississippi Mud to dry pine covered hard gravel in a New York second. It's then, when the forest and its tricks sneak-up on you all of a sudden and makes you once again a humble respectful servant to the woods.

Had my share of drops (3 I think) mostly in sugar-sand and broke an ancient de-compression cable which ironically made this kick-start only bike fire up even better.
We came out of the woods happy and tired after 5 straight hours... no breaks.

Here's 2 1/2 minutes of our 5 hour saga:

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