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I may sell mine if I get a decent price for it, just to gain some extra cash towards a bigger bike one day, the TW is great but I want something that can cruise 55-60 nice and smooth and not wear out so fast. This thing screams at 55 even with 14/44 and that can't be good for long term durability. It loves to cruise at 45, 50 is alright too but 45 is definitely the optimal speed in top gear, in terms of the engine sound and handling. If you want a bike to take a nice smooth cruise down a fun back road with some off roading thrown in this the best bike for the job!

I'm the third owner as far as I know, first owner put about 1900 Mi. on it and I guess let it sit for 8 years, cause the guy I bought it from pretty much put no miles on it. Probably bought it for cheap, fixed it up and sold it. I received it with 1950 Mi. and have been riding it almost every day since.

Problems/imperfections I'm aware of:

- Tiny dent in the tank from PO, it's so small though you'll never even notice it.

- Stock chain is toast, but I'll be replacing it with a new O-chain soon anyway, so if it ends up selling you'll have a nice new chain that should last a long time.

- carb is kinda tampered with or something, it runs fine but if you don't turn the tank to OFF when you shut the engine off it will leak. The choke doesn't work either for some reason, if you try to use it the bike refuses to run. Cold starts are surprisingly easy though regardless, I started it in 53 degrees the other day and it only took a few tries to get it running stable.

- The paint is all burnt (I guess) off one side of the engine, other than that though cosmetically the bike looks great for being 9 years old. Some black paint should fix up the rough side.

Other than that:

- Bike runs great, never misses a beat.

- Brakes fine

- New battery

- Equipped with a 44T rear sprocket at the moment, stock 50 will be included.

- I always treat the bike as nice as possible - no red lining it and my shifts should be no more than 6500 at the most, and the bike always gets a nice easy warm up with very gentle riding while it's still cold. In other words, you won't receive a beat to heck worn out bike.

I'm sure there's some other details I'd like to include and I will add them as I think of them. I don't have pictures at the moment, but I will get some if there is any interest.

*Any* questions, feel more than free to ask!
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