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In a previous thread Lzrdbrth and I tried to flesh out characteristics of the xt350 tank and petcock configurations that affect main and reserve ranges.

Clearly not all fuel in a tank is usable, and the greater the amount of fuel used in the primary petcock setting, the less that is available in reserve - but not all fuel remaining when you switch to reserve is available (even if you can get to some additional fuel by tipping the bike to the left). Since we are all dealing with custom installations and our tanks may set at different angles relative to the bike and the main fuel outflow tubes can vary depending on petcocks used, some variation will occur but hard data are desirable if you are going to venture far from the gas station circuit.

The last time I rode my xt350 tank to hit the bottom of the main fuel setting (steel oem with 3.14 gallons) Note: not a Clarke plastic 4.0 gallon), I made it to 182 miles before sputtering enough to cause a shift to the reserve setting. I repeated that recently (now I have over 7500 miles on the bike) and hit the max on the main petcock setting at 194 miles. And by judicious calculations I have determined that that was the result of exactly 2.2 gallons consumed. Meaning I had 0.9.4 gallons left in tank. The mileage on that main tank was 86.79 mpg (mostly dirt riding at 25-35 mph but some hwy at 55 mph.). So if I presumed that of the 0.94 gal remaining, I could use 0.5 gal, I could have another 43 miles for a total range of 234 miles. Obviously if I can't get the .5 gallons its less and if I can get more than 0.5 gal. it could go beyond 250 miles.

I still plan to diligently drain the tank when the bike is setting in a vertical plane to see what the amount of fuel that will flow out of the petcock would be in typical conditions. I'll amend this thread when I have those data. Tom
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