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Since I sold my TW I won't be needing a few of the extra parts I collected. I'll list them out with prices. They are OBO so if you want to make an offer pleae let me know. You are responsible for the price I pay the post office to ship the item (nothing extra for "handling"). Contact me at aarondavis007 (at) for more info or to make an offer.

1. Stock 2006 TW200 carb........$60

2. Factory 2006 throttle cables..........$15

3. Stock 2006 CDI (tested and works)...........$50

4. Aftermarket K&N airfilter (excellent "like new" condition).............$30 (has number B035B4 on one end and F021K4 on the carb end)

5. One rear stock turn signal 2006 (good condition without scratches).............$5
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