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Mobil 1 v-twin synthetic 20w50

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Anyone running this? I have it in my bike now but i just noticed it isnt MA rated but it says on the back of the bottle for transmissions and wet clutch primaries. I called mobil 1 and they said "thats what its for" wet clutch bikes and seperate trans bikes "Harleys". I just thought it was odd that its not MA rated. Am i missing something??

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Awww crap. Quick reply before it all hits the fan.

I am running this as we speak but im switching to the 10w40 racing version next oil change. I had intended to get the mobil racing before and wally world was out, so got the v-twin. It does just fine, clutch shifted better than with non synthetic. I noticed a small amount of burn off but that is probably with all oils. Just switching to the other because I like the front graphic better!

I know I'll get corrected, but im sayin' it anyway. I think the mobil racing is actually more formulated for our bikes where as like you stated the v twin is sort of wet clutch/separate trans multipurpose oil that will do OK. Like duct tape can tape wires, but not as good as electrical tape.
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