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Moderate Oil Leak

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I bought this bike a little over a month ago and have been riding it regularly since. I noticed that it had a small oil leak when I got it but the guy I bought it from said that it was less severe than it actually looks. I don't know anything about motorcycles as I chose this one as my first motorcycle. I come here for help because I think maybe someone here can identify this. Maybe someone has had the same issue before. It's a 2005 model and as far as I can tell is totally stock. My brother went to school for engines and he told me from looking at it, that he thinks the leak is coming from where the front sprocket goes into the engine? If that is so then why is the head and everything below it soaked with oil. The plug, chain, and chain-guard is soaked with oil, as well as the plate that is on the bottom of the engine is holding oil and drips. It is slinging oil back onto the tire a little and I am afraid it's going to cause me an accident. Please take a look at these pictures and tell me if you think that it is going to be worth getting it fixed. I have an appointment scheduled to get it looked at by World of Yamaha but it's not until the 20th. If it's not going to be worth it to fix it (money) then I'm not going to get it fixed. I only paid $700 for it and the guy I bought it from doesn't know anything about bikes either, so I think I got a good deal. It runs good and I haven't had any problems out of it except for this and the gear will sometimes slip from 5th down if I'm really giving it hell.

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I'd say it originated at the valve cover gaskets from the wind pattern. No way to tell with the motor that dirty. Clean it up with a pressure washer, get it spotlees then run it in place checking for the actual source.

I agree, and some of the oil is also probably from fumbling hands trying to tighten the "oil pressure check" screw after an oil change
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That's your crankcase breather hose and it vents into the airbox. Possibly a dirty air filter would draw more vacuum out of that hose and suck in more oil. Possibly you have excessive blow-by causing it to vent more than usual. Take off the tube, clean it up, clean up the intake box and see how long it takes to come back.

On my second look, is the end of the hose even hooked up to anything or just a screen over it???
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