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Monday activities.

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I know, what does a TW200 have in common with pond fish ?

Nothing at all !

But since the pond was close, and I was riding, and it was feeding time for my fish, I figured I would include it all in one video just for fun.

I hope I am not "veering" to far off the subject of TW200s, but heck, I could have just as easily been riding in along a river and stopped to fish. Which I hope to do someday on my TW200, until then I guess it's going to be like a kid camping in his own back yard.

That is actaully what I have been doing anyway until I get my license and then I will be a big boy and go out into the world.......gosh that is a little scary. Do you think this little TW200 can actually handle things like that ?

I am certain it can, and by the other stories I am reading about it....the bike can handle almost anything.

Here is my big my yard again......

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Hello, I am in Maryville. Good to meet you.

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