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more carb questions

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OK I am fighting a fuel problem with 87 TW200. The guy before me said it was rebuilt, and Im not to sure it was done correctly. Run good, then bad, then good, then bad. Like fuel starvation.

As I look at the 87 service manual I see that there are a few orings. Number (11). The drawing shows a oring above the collar of number (12). Mine did NOT have this on, only the one near the bottom close to the threads on number (12)

Same thing on the float valve. there is a oring pictured (11) above the valve body, mine DID NOT have this one, only the one that on the body itself, below the the little screen cap.

Please give me some guidance, thanks
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Great info and pics

thank you very much
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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