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In a previous thread the discussion went to using our phone in an emergency in a remote area. In the MD/WV area where I ride I'm rarely without signal. I searched for an App that would give me Lon/Lat positioning. MotionX is feature rich for 99 cents. Check it out!


The most accurate and reliable solution for the iPhone, MotionX-GPS embeds the functionality of an advanced hand held GPS unit into a simple and intuitive iPhone application.

Track any outdoor activity such as running, walking, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, sailing, rowing, paddling or geocaching using MotionX-GPS with your iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS. It's full-featured, easy-to-use and provides the ability to share real-time updates to Facebook, Twitter or Email.

Exclusively Designed
MotionX-GPS is exclusively designed and optimized for your iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS. The first generation iPhone and the iPod touch do not have the necessary GPS chipset to acquire a GPS signal.

Clear view of the sky
GPS requires a direct 'line-of-sight' to communicate with satellites. Your iPhone 5, 4S, 4 or 3GS must have a clear view of the sky to locate at least three satellites in order to give accurate position information. If you are indoors, in a wooded area, or surrounded by buildings you may be unable to acquire an accurate signal.

Location Modes

The signal indicator icon in the upper right corner of the page indicates current GPS signal status. Touch this signal indicator at any time to toggle between Outdoor GPS Mode, WiFi/Triangulation Mode, and Manual Mode.

Outdoor GPS mode:
When in Outdoor GPS mode, the signal indicator icon will display a spinning blue globe if you have a GPS signal and a spinning red globe if you don't. Accuracy ranges from 30-300ft.

WiFi/Triangulation mode:
Select WiFi/Triangulation mode if your GPS signal is poor. This will provide an approximate position with an accuracy between 100ft to 3 miles using triangulation from nearby WiFi access points or cellular network towers. The signal indicator icon is a "W" when signal is strong, and when searching for signal there will be a spinner animation around the "W."

Manual Mode:
When Manual Mode is selected, MotionX-GPS is not searching for satellites. The signal indicator for Manual Mode is an "M." When navigating in Manual Mode, the range and bearing start from the "Home" location you've defined.


Select the Menu button to access all pages including Setup.

Go To
Select a destination to navigate to using the search wheel.
Record Track
Use the Track Recorder to record a track of your hikes, runs, bike rides, trips or other outdoor activities. Once saved, the track is added to the Tracks page. The plotted track can be shared with others via email for viewing in Google Earth, Google Maps or any GPX-compatible application on your PC or Mac. You can also post tracks to your Facebook wall or Twitter account. See the Track Recorder section for more details.

Choose between sharing Auto Live Position Updates, your current position, current track or select a waypoint or track that has already been saved. When sharing your current position or current track, if One Click Sharing is enabled, the waypoint or track will be shared immediately using the recipients setup in Menu>Setup>Share.

Auto Live Updates
Automatic Live Position Updates lets you share your position with others in real-time. Share your position automatically with others at the interval you select to Facebook, Email and/or Twitter. On Map shows your real-time position on the map to other MotionX users on the same channel.

My Position
Displays information about your current position including latitude, longitude, altitude and signal status. Mark a waypoint, create a photo waypoint or share your position directly from the My Position page.
See the My Position section for more details.

The map page offers several map types and orientation options (Direction Up, Course Up, and North Up) to view your waypoints or plot your tracks. See the Map section for more details.

The Waypoints page is broken up into the categories: All Waypoints, Auto Waypoints, Home Waypoint and Waypoint Folders. Touch any saved waypoint to bring up detailed information such as the name, notes, bearing, altitude, distance, latitude and longitude. Waypoints can be shared with others via email for viewing in Google Earth, Google Maps or any GPX-compatible application on your PC or Mac. You can also post waypoints to your Facebook wall or Twitter account. See the Waypoints section for more details.

The Tracks page contains a summary of your recorded tracks. A track is a compilation of location samples or "breadcrumbs" taken over a period of time during your trip. To record your tracks and save them to the Tracks page, use the Track Recorder. From the Tracks page, touch any saved track to display the Elapsed Time, Avg Speed, Distance, Max Speed, Track Name and Notes. See the Tracks section for more details.

Displays a compass, Speed, Direction, VMG (velocity made good), Waypoint Distance, Bearing to Waypoint, Time to Waypoint and ETA. The compass can be configured to display a heading using the built in magnetometer (digital compass), orderly changes in position from GPS location data or Auto mode which uses the magnetometer below 5 mph and GPS position changes over 5 mph. See the Compass section for more details.


The Search Wheel offers the following search options and features:

My Position
Saved Waypoint
TapTap® tool
Recently Found
Lat/Lon Coordinates
Follow Track
(See Search & Go To for more details)

The map page offers 14 map types and 3 orientation options (Direction Up, Course Up, and North Up) to view your waypoints or plot your tracks.

Download maps for offline use, group or ungroup signs and control the map layers all from the Map page.

Map Types
Road: MotionX, Bing, Apple and Google
Terrain: MotionX, Bing and Google
Satellite: Bing, Apple and Google
Hybrid: Bing, Apple and Google
Marine: NOAA
(See Maps for more details)


iPod media controls are available using the Options button at the top of most pages. Many of the iPod controls from the native iPod are available including Play/Pause, Next Song, Previous Song, Repeat and Shuffle.
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