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Motorcycle shipping Services

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As I am on the hunt to buy there a lot of TW200 for sale around the country and few to choose very close. I wondered if anyone can recommend a door to door shipping service that they have used and had good experiences with.

I may buy new if I can get any of the local or semi local dealers to negotiate but otherwise I will buy used.

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Website looks like a great reference, Steve. looks like an excellent solution to individuals with shipping problems. Be sure to check the licensing and insurance of the carriers you consider. Many small carriers try to run under-the-radar to reduce costs, so cheapest isn't always best. Last thing you'll want to mess with is retrieving your bike from police impound halfway across the country.

$200 would be an excellent deal. Shipping usually costs about $400 cross-country, terminal-to-terminal, which may or may not include and/or require a crate, depending on service provider. Door-to-door, add $100. Need the crate set off the truck? Add another $50 for liftgate service. Shorter trips usually aren't much cheaper because the time invested is in the pick-up and delivery. Driving time is divided among dozens of shipments. As shipper or reciever, always be ready when the carrier arrives because travel time can be $5/minute. 10 minutes waiting for you to go find a forklift can easily be $50 to the carrier. Be considerate, provide a phone number that works if you can't dally on-site, and be ready. The service you receive will be better after a positive loading experience.
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