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Motorcycle shipping Services

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As I am on the hunt to buy there a lot of TW200 for sale around the country and few to choose very close. I wondered if anyone can recommend a door to door shipping service that they have used and had good experiences with.

I may buy new if I can get any of the local or semi local dealers to negotiate but otherwise I will buy used.

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Thanks Guys I am going to check this out. I am a bicyclist and have bought several bikes off of craigslist from far away lands. For sure sellers are weary and its about a (5-10)/1 ratio if success (they will ship). That has hurdles in that the seller either has to pack the bike or get to a local bike shop for the service.

There are lots and lots of them out their so I may be able to find a deal that makes sense. I would prefer to get new and get a decent deal but I have not felt the dealers out. I have several. They are off on Monday's but tomorrow I will start the process with them.

I have found several good looking bikes on CL's too so I will go down that path today.

Thanks again.
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I submitted a listing on Uship. I found a dealer that has a few 2011 bikes for a decent deal. If I get them down just a tad more and Uship pulls through it may just make sense.
Do some searches on here for guys who have gotten screaming out the door deals. Show the thread to the dealer. Couldn't hurt...

Good idea. I printed the CL I found that has 2011's for 3799.00. I would be happy with that locally.
Well I might have to more aggressive
. I am going to contact all 10 or so of the dealers within 150 mIles. I may be driving it home on the highway if that's what it takes.
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Well I emailed for a quote from a dealer about 150 miles away. Got DOWN to msrp. :|
Just my opinion....

I'd never buy new. I just bought a 90 and a 92 for $2,300 total. They have kickstarters and fork oil drains. Putting about $400 in upgrades for each one.

They are very simple bikes...just get an older model and fix it up.

I am pretty open actually. I am going to use this for commuting so it does have to be dead reliable however. There is a local 1990 but he wants @200 and that's steep. I said $1500. There is also a 2009 for 3400. Its OK.
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