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Hey Everybody!

I'm Starwarz, new to the west coast (Portland,OR for now), came from Michigan with my '95 Tdub in the trailer. I'm loving the mountain views, been riding around a little bit in the city but now it's time to start finding the trails around the Mountains :D

Any tips on shops for parts in the Portland area? I try to support local business, just trying to find the good shops from the bad ones without having to ride all over town..

Anyone know some good trails to introduce me to the West Coast properly?

Thanks, Happy Trails!!

Michigan year round rider :)

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Can't really go wrong with Procycle in Oregon.
Yamaha TW200 Parts and Performance - ProCycle

Good folks, reliable service.

You might ask Mr. Bracket (Mike) who works there for ideas of where to ride in Oregon. He is a pretty good guy and helpful too. He always has taken the time to answer my questions.

Great looking bike by the way!

I used to live in Lincoln City on the beach in Oregon. Wish I had my TW when I lived there. Oregon is beautiful.
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