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So since i'm relatively new to the TW can i get people's "top 5's must have's." i'm talking specifically for the bike...i have an 87 so besides a can of fix-a-flat and a spare plug, gas and a bottle of water and a quart of oil, are there any specific parts that may/tend to go bad on the tw's? thanks everybody.

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A good dose of preventative maintenance before you leave will be more valuable than anything you carry.

I'd change the plug at home and not carry one at least for the first 15000 miles. I'd also avoid fix a flat - that crap rusts rims (when they are steel) and messes them up for the future. If you want something for flats use Slime (temporarily to get you home then buy a new tube) or (whatsitcalled) Rollon? a special MC flat preventer that you insert in the tube before the flat happens. Forget the quart of oil unless you are burning it like crazy. Maybe a jigger full would be nice for a month long trip. I'd take the bike tool kit, maybe an extra crescent wrench, and enough navigation equipment to let you walk out or enough water and snack to await help. Somethings you just can't plan for - so lean back and enjoy the bike without bogging it down with stuff that you will never use on the trail. JMHO. Tom

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I've got the following stuffed into two tool tubes.

Two spark plugs

Mini CO2 Inflator with 5 co2 carts

Tire tube patch kit (Wish i had room for just a spare tube)

Two small metal tire irons

Leatherman multi tool

Neon green survey tape (for marking my way in on new logging roads )

Stock tool kit with some extras

Hunk of fuel line

Mini bag of quick clot (first aid)

Fire starter

1/4 roll of toilet paper

Partial roll of electrical tape

Oil filter cover (in case I wreck my oil cooler somehow)

Chain master link

Options I've added to bike

Hand guards

Skid Plate

Rear cyclerack (Holds my trail riding six gallon milk crate)

Front Cycle Rack (Makes a fine spot to tie a rope to if you need to be pulled or towed)

Yamaha handlebar pads mounted to lower fwd sides of back cyclerack (to help save my leg if I lay it over)

Kolpin 1.5g fuel pack

Options I sometimes pack if when I ride into way out into the wilderness...

Small Stihl Saw

Bottled Water

Energy Bars


Folding Shovel

Protective Gear (I mix and match to wherever I'm headed)

Jacket & pants with light to medium armor

Shin Guards

Roost guard with spine protector

Heavy Boots

Kidney belt

Odd's and ends that sometimes come along.

Ruger P95 9mm +P+ (3 15 round magazines)

Ruger Single Six 22 Mag (30 rounds)

Bear Spray

1 Million Volt Stun Baton

Spot GPS Messenger

Garmin GPS With Autorouting and Enhanced West Coast Topo Maps

I've shared some fuel a few times to different folk who I found stranded miles from a main road who were pushing their bikes out.

I tend to do more stupid things if my truck is within 5 miles or I'm in a group

TheMule that was a member on the old TW site had the following repair gear packed for his long outings (He went from Utah to Alaska)

Extra Master Links (3)

Tire Tubes (1 Front and 1 Rear)

Tube patch kit

Foot Pump

Cruz Tools Kit w/tire tools (DMX2)

Extra Fuel Filters (2)

Extra Headlight Bulbs (2)

Chain Tool (Motion Pro)

Extra Oil Filters (3)

Extra Fuses (3)

Extra Spark Plugs (2)

Tie Wire

Electrical Tape

Duct Tape

JB Weld


Tool Spare nuts and bolts

Large Adjustable Wrench for Rear Wheel

2 part epoxy

Hose clamps (4 large)

Zip Ties

TW200 Bike Crutch (ala mrgizmow)

Mr. Gizmow's Gear



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There you have the entire spectrum of wisdom possible on the internet. One guy says forget extra plugs and the other says carry two. One says carry a pint of oil and the other says put fresh gas and go. In other words do your reading, do your own pondering and do your own thing. We all have distinct risk level and riding styles. Whats trail for me, may be a walk in the park for you. And what I ride might scare the pee out of someone who doesn't like rocks, arroyos, dust bowls, or rattlesnakes. There an old axiom that you can't predict what is going to go wrong, but you can plan how you will be flexible enough to deal with just about anything that does - it might mean waiting for help or riding without a clutch lever, but either one will work.

Do some more reading and decide what it is you need. I guarantee you will adjust that list as you ride more. Tom
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