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My 1% TW Ride

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Last Thursday I took a trip to Boise and Ft. Boise Military Cemetery (Idaho) 1866-1912, so I could take and enter a picture of both the TW and on old or out of the way cemetery for photo context #3. (Props go to "chevyluver" for coming up with such a cool revolving topic). Great job!

This trip was by all paved road (except my driveway and road by the cemetery), about 110 miles round trip, which the TW and I travel on only 1% of the time. This was the farthest I have ever traveled on pavement on the TW. The other 99% is spent on gravel/dirt backroads, or trailered up and ride on logging roads and trails. I have owned my 2005 TW since it was born, and until today, I have never, ever, never had it above 50mph. On the way there I took the TW all the way up to 55mph. On the way home, with a new sense of confidence (in the TW), I went 60mph (in a 50mph zone copper's, I'm a dirty rat).

Had no problems and all with stock gearing. I think I will review "OakCliffThumper's" advice on adding "shot or BB's" to the handle bar to see if that will reduce the handle bar buzz. I wouldn't want to travel for hours and hours at this speed, but all in all not to bad for a short trip like this.

Here are some photo's of the Cemetery, remaining buildings of Ft. Boise, and some country scenery on the way there and back.

Note: If you didn't read my write up in the photo contest, this is the newest Ft. Boise. The 1st and 2nd Ft. Boise's were fur trading forts established by the Hudson's Bay Company in an area used by earlier explorers near the confluence of the Boise and Snake River's.

I wonder if I scared the TW on this foreign road surface?

Some photo's of Ft. Boise Military Cemetery.

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Remaining (still in use) buildings on Ft. Boise.

State Capital building in Boise, Idaho (I don't think much goes on here)!

Cool photo of medical helicopter landing on top of hospital.

On the way home things.

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Thanks for the touch of American history that probably none of us could have seen without you. It seems you have a good eye for the rare pic! Keep it up! I had my first little touch of "cold" today on my bike to work. It was 69 degrees and really windy. I had to laugh at some forum member when they spoke of performance in a headwind - now I know what they were talking about. By midnight, when I get off work, it should be around 50 degrees, so I should get a taste of some chilly air. Again, thanks for the write-up!
had the shivers this morning on the way to class. 63 degrees at 50 mph is chilly. i forgot what that feels like....

Its always a pleasure to read your posts and to look at your pictures.

Thank you

HEY! You took pictures of where I work!!! LOL Ft Boise is now the Boise VA Medical Center. That gray rock building is Bld #1, It was built the year Gettysburg was fought. If you see a TW parked outside the ER entrance near the ambulance parking, it would be mine
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Great ride and wonderful pics! I have a daughter who lives in Boise and we love the town.
Thanks arkansasbanjo,

It's nice to see that some of the older posts get looked at from time to time. There are alot of really good ride reports on this forum, and even the photo contest's have many good picture's. With riding time down to a crawl with winter and all, I myself like to go back and look at some of the past submission's. I call it "future inspiration".

Have a good one,

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