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Here is my 2009 TW200. I purchased it used in November and It's my first motorcycle.

The bike already had:

- FMF PowerCore pipe

- 47T sprocket

- aftermarket blinkers

- stainless steel xt 225 header

Here is everything I did:

- Removed all decals (I think the Yamaha graphics are horrible!)

- Replaced aftermarket blinkers with OEM blinkers

- FMF Quiet Core Spark Arrestor (I loved the sound, but don't feel like getting hassled by the rangers)

- Tusk D-Flex Handguards/Spoilers (no more cold hands from wind, and tree branches are no problem now!)

- Pro-Taper Pillow Top MX Grips (comfy)

- Tusk Handlebar Riser Kit 7/8" Bars, 30mm Height (I can stand up comfortably)

- Renthal Rider 7/8" Handlebar Jimmy Button Bend

- Yamaha rear rack

- RAM Mount with X-Grip cradle

- LuckyBike mirror riser extenders 10mm (These were super helpful with the stock handlebars, as I could only see my shoulders before)

- Clarke Gas Tank (I did this mainly because the graphics are not removable on the stock tank, plus I now get more distance)

- Kisan TailBlazer 20W-D Brake Light Flasher (Helps wake up the drivers behind me, I have noticed that people will keep greater distance after I hit the brakes now)

- Jimbo Windshield (It's covered in bugs, mud, and rock chips -- I guess it works)

- IMS foot pegs (This is a must, the stock pegs were like toothpicks. I got the real $80 IMS pegs, as I don't want to trust the cheap ones on eBay -- These pegs are made specifically for the TW200, but I still had to grind down the hinge a bit to get them to fit)

- 12v accessory outlet (Couldn't figure out a more elegant way to mount it, so I just used zip ties and it hasn't moved yet)

I also have a white Acerbis Supermoto fender, but I would have to fabricate a mount and I rather spend my time riding now

That is it for mods on this bike, I really hope the XTW250 RYOKU is my next one...

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Very nice. It's also nice to have/see a list with the benefits of the mods listed. OM
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