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So my brother and I decided to try motorcycle camping this weekend. Started out by packing my bike. The I repacked until I had a quarter of the gear I started with
and I still had everything I needed.

I was riding a 1999 tw200, and my brother was riding a 2001 yamaha ttr225.

We had to stop a couple times to rearrange our gear

We rode 72 miles to Trailbridge Lake up on Hwy 126 on the McKenzie pass in Oregon.

It was only an hour and a half ride, but It was the longest ride I've done to date. The bike pulled the mountains real good with all my gear and my 280lbs bulk
I love these bikes.

Next time I'm going to take more pictures.

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Good job. Great to see the photo contest guy getting out on the trail. Yes, you will have to take more pictures so you'll have a collection to include in the contests yourself.
....and for us to see. Sounded like a good "shakedown" cruise to see how things work.

Thanks for sharing your "longest ride". I suspect many more to come as the TW is so much fun.
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