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"my" jetting with DG pipe and stock airbox

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Howdy folks, I just thought I would share my jetting since I have added the DG "O" series pipe, (ran good with stock jets, but has always been cold natured anyway and I wanted to richen it up a lil... I drilled out the fuel screw cap, and backed out the screw 2 1/2 turns, stock main jet on my 07 is 128 hex head, and I shimmed the needle up with two small lock washers I hammered flat (from home depot)

originally I tried a "TK 130" main jet I ordered online and it worked OK but, it was a slotted head, not hex the bike seemed to bog ever so slightly when you gassed it in first gear (when I pop the front wheel up it would kinda fall instead of pulling on I put the "stock" main jet back and problem solved, no bogging or cutting out and good smooth power through all gears, I havent had it WO in fifth gear yet but will try to report if theres any issue later (like if I need to remove a shim or something)...right now I can start the bike with a cold engine (it was 80 degress today, so not really cold) with no "choke" hit the button and she is ready to ride...

Oh, and I also replaced the stock carb bowl screws with some allen screws (so in the future I wont round out the super cheesey stock screws

ALSO, I never took the carb off the bike, by simply removing the throttle cables (just loosen the cable nuts, not the bracket they mount to, no need to, undo anything further) I could turn the carb in the boots to get to the bowl, as well as the needle from the right side of the bike, "IMO probly the best method" as I havent tried it any other way but after doing the main jet twice in hardly any time Im not sure how you could do it any easier

Im no expert but If this is interesting or helps even one person then to me it was worth putting on here
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Thanks for taking the time. I'm also tempted by the shiny new pipe, but then I have to consider the needs of my other bikes...
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