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I've got the next 2 weeks off for vacation and my wife was going to be busy today running her Dad around to doctor appts., so I hopped on the TW for some meandering around the country side. Started by going to the local gas station for a fill up and put in 1.784 gallons! Must have been running on fumes if the stock tank really holds 1.8 gallons.

Headed east to explore at Taylor Valley State Forest. Found a couple of ponds that I didn't see on previous trips. After that, I tried to stay on roads that I have never been on and found some seasonal roads and snowmobile trails, some I explored, some are for next time.

Ran across a "Dead End" sign on a side road and went up it to see where it went. Turned out to be a real gem of a trail after the pavement ended. Sometimes you can hit a real good seasonal road or trail at "Dead Ends" around her.

Found a loose beefer wandering around. Tried to get a picture with him standing in the woods but he got spooked and took off down the road!

About 160 miles in 7 hrs. Turned over 12,000 miles also. The TW has never let me down. Pretty good considering some of the abuse it gets.





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