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MY MODS: followup

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In earlier posts I described several mods I have made to my 2010 TW:

- dual horns that are MUCH louder

- GPS mount for carrying a Garmin eTrex unit

- addition to CycleRack rear rack and Quick Fists & "famous containers on front forks for carrying up to additional 8L. of gas [doubling the stock tank capacity]

- new seat [custom built]

Since my last post, I have put just over 1000 miles on my bike, 85+% on dirt and gravel. I thought I'd give some feedback on the mods.

SEAT- this has been worth every penny. At nearly 70 yrs I have done as much as 300 miles in a day [again 90% dirt] and the seat is no longer a limit [which the stock seat certainly was!!]

HORNS- very much worth it on a couple of occasions when someone was just about to pull out in front of me and wipe me out.

GPS mount - great!

GAS Carrying - the 5L can on the back is great. Never moves or rattles, and I can put my tank bag on it and keep it out of my way. The two 1L containers were a little small in diameter and slipped down somewhat on [very] rough trails. Some duct tape added enough girth to make them stable. But the two 'famous containers' attached to the CycleRack with "R" clips have not held: the R clips have failed.

Happy and safe riding to all.

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It is a nice quality looking seat. I also experience sliding forward in the stock seat. Think I might make some modifications this winter to my seat to enhance rider comfort. Thanks for this post...more idea's!
bend42, If you are able to fix your photo's in your op, I'll remove the one's I inserted.

Hers's what I did;

I clicked on your link which opend a new window.

I then right clicked on the photo, then clicked on properties.

With properties window open, I then right clicked and copied the entire URL address (some of the address is hidden until you pull the curser down).

Then "OK'd" and closed the open window and returned to my reply.

Opened "insert image", deleted the highlighted "http:", and pasted the url address, then clicked "insert image".

Done this way, the info mentioned above is added for you.

I'm not saying this is the only way to get'er done, but it's what I used to get the link to appear. This is also the same method I used when inserting photo's from my picasa photo album.
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