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MY MODS: followup

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In earlier posts I described several mods I have made to my 2010 TW:

- dual horns that are MUCH louder

- GPS mount for carrying a Garmin eTrex unit

- addition to CycleRack rear rack and Quick Fists & "famous containers on front forks for carrying up to additional 8L. of gas [doubling the stock tank capacity]

- new seat [custom built]

Since my last post, I have put just over 1000 miles on my bike, 85+% on dirt and gravel. I thought I'd give some feedback on the mods.

SEAT- this has been worth every penny. At nearly 70 yrs I have done as much as 300 miles in a day [again 90% dirt] and the seat is no longer a limit [which the stock seat certainly was!!]

HORNS- very much worth it on a couple of occasions when someone was just about to pull out in front of me and wipe me out.

GPS mount - great!

GAS Carrying - the 5L can on the back is great. Never moves or rattles, and I can put my tank bag on it and keep it out of my way. The two 1L containers were a little small in diameter and slipped down somewhat on [very] rough trails. Some duct tape added enough girth to make them stable. But the two 'famous containers' attached to the CycleRack with "R" clips have not held: the R clips have failed.

Happy and safe riding to all.

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Never would have guessed those clamps would have broken off like that.
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