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My new - old TW200

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Just got a Tw200 from 2000 and it looks like new. I already love it. I have found the forum very helpful. Have not made any mods or improvements to my bike yet. I am still trying to get all the gear to keep myself as safe as possible. I will say buying girls jackets and pants has been an adventure as it seems to be worse for sizing than regular girls clothing. Thanks to everyone who posts and answers so many questions. I had a Honda CM400t several years ago and am just getting back into riding. My husband and I live out on the boonies near Prescott, AZ (having moved from South Dakota) and just to get to the main road is several miles of off road riding on the unmaintained roads.
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The Alpinestar stuff is pretty good but their back protector scam is a bit silly. Make sure it comes with the jacket.
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