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My new - old TW200

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Just got a Tw200 from 2000 and it looks like new. I already love it. I have found the forum very helpful. Have not made any mods or improvements to my bike yet. I am still trying to get all the gear to keep myself as safe as possible. I will say buying girls jackets and pants has been an adventure as it seems to be worse for sizing than regular girls clothing. Thanks to everyone who posts and answers so many questions. I had a Honda CM400t several years ago and am just getting back into riding. My husband and I live out on the boonies near Prescott, AZ (having moved from South Dakota) and just to get to the main road is several miles of off road riding on the unmaintained roads.
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Any suggestions for a good pair of gloves. I am getting an Alpinestars Stella T-Dyno Textile Jacket and want protection but worry about the heat as it gets very hot here. Also I have been reading that many people replace the back protector in their jackets. Any suggestions on that. I have boots and pants coming this week and ope they fit. WIsh we had a good shop local so I didn't have to do it all online.
I picked up the Alpinestars jacket on ebay from a motorcycle shop. It is on closeout and was on sale for $95.00 with shipping. It should arrive on Tuesday. I will have to decide if I need to upgrade the back protector. Not sure how good PE padding is vs CE. Still better then nothing and I do hope it isn't too hot.

Removable CE certified Bio-Armor elbow and shoulder protectors provide class-leading impact protection and are extremely lightweight and slim, enhancing the fit and feel of the jacket

Chest and back pad compartments with PE protective padding (Alpinestars back protector insert and chest guards available as accessory upgrade)

To purchase the upgraded armour please click here for the (BIO-ARMOUR BACK PROTECTOR) and here for the (CHEST PAD INSERTS)

I have seen Revzilla and like to watch the video reviews. Glad to hear they are a good place to shop. I have been selling some of my treasured collectables or some would say crap on ebay and am using that money to help fund my safety gear. Thanks for all the advice and welcomes to the club.
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I am trying to be a safe as possible. Can't control the people who may run into me so want gear to help. Just received my closeout pair of Sidi boots. They are very cool and feel very safe. I have never had boots before and am finding it a bit hard to get used to the shifting. I could feel the shifter with my tennis shoes but not with the boots. Also on the right side I find I have to lift my foot way up to get to the foot brake. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thanks for the information. I will get the hubby to help me adjust the brake lever height. My jacket arrived today and it looks good, hope it is good protection as well. The pants should arrive in a few days and then I am looking forward to taking longer rides.
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