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Mystery stall....

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This happened to me again over the weekend...has happened a few times and the build up is always the same:

Riding along...then make some sort of last minute course-correction (taking a different trail, etc)...lug the engine a bit...a few pings...dead.

Then, when I go to crank her's as if there isn't even a piston. Cranks over VERY fast (almost as if there is no compression at all) but won't start.

Sit down for a few minutes and let her recover...start her up...away I go.

As I said, this has happened once or twice before and I don't know WHY she sounds the way she does when I try to re-start.

It's a mystery.
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Well, I pretty much dismissed any notion that there is something wrong internally, or it would show up all the time, no?

I rode it hard for at least another two hours after this incident without so much as a hiccup or miss. If it was a bent valve, it would be bent permanently, wouldn't it?

As for the "cool down" was maybe 5 minutes. Just long enough to remove an extra T-shirt and to take three photos.

When I went to start it up again, it still cranked over faster than normal, but started up quickly.

Vapour lock? (I did overfill the tank in anticipation of a LONG ride, and I did remove the gas cap to verify a fuel supply (rule #1))
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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