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need some answers yall

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Hey y'all I'm not new to the tdubya world haha. I need to know the stock valve clearance and cam gear top dead center on an 09 tw200. I was told when the middle line on the flywheel was at the top everything was tdc. Truth? I know how to do the valve clearance but need to know what feeler guages to use. Help would be appriciated. Thank y'all.
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This is a link to a previous answer in the old forums which might help you out: . Also, a 'pinned topic' in the current Technical Help forum has the Service Manual available for download.

This old forum link also includes an active link to a pictorial "how-to" somebody did on a XT225 ---obviously you would want to use the correct TW specs, but the process is supposedly similar.

Pictorial Valve Adjustment How-To on the XT225:
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