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Need Wiring help, ground up

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What's up,

I just got my first TW200, wanted one for a while. I have built up a number of bikes before, so I took this one on as a project.

Here it is currently

It came with a yamaha XT225 motor in it, I guess for a little more power and to run a thinner rear wheel, but screw that, I want TW fatty wheel so I got the original motor back in.

BUT it's far from complete, and there is no wiring except for that which was comes out of the engine. I really just want to get this thing running and need to find some sort of wiring diagram or something so I can figure out the bare necessities to get it to run.

It has a kickstarter and no lights so I'm planning on running it without a battery at least at first. Trying to get an idea of what needs to be wired up and how to get it firing; also what I'll need to buy, It has no CDI box nor coil.

If you can give me a hand or point me at some relevant threads it'd be great.

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Check the specific forum you posted this in, aka technical help. Free manuals are available. Has all the info you need.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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