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Need Wiring help, ground up

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What's up,

I just got my first TW200, wanted one for a while. I have built up a number of bikes before, so I took this one on as a project.

Here it is currently

It came with a yamaha XT225 motor in it, I guess for a little more power and to run a thinner rear wheel, but screw that, I want TW fatty wheel so I got the original motor back in.

BUT it's far from complete, and there is no wiring except for that which was comes out of the engine. I really just want to get this thing running and need to find some sort of wiring diagram or something so I can figure out the bare necessities to get it to run.

It has a kickstarter and no lights so I'm planning on running it without a battery at least at first. Trying to get an idea of what needs to be wired up and how to get it firing; also what I'll need to buy, It has no CDI box nor coil.

If you can give me a hand or point me at some relevant threads it'd be great.

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Might be better to find a parts bike and borrow electrics from it. Not all compnents are interchangable with other components, but any year complete electrical system will work with any engine. As long as ALL components are the same year, the system will plug and play.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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