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new carb

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I recently finished of my TW200 hollowmod build.

To save time, while finishing of my wiring i got a local mechanic to collect my carb and find an new air filter to fitt it and give it a clean.

Turned out my carb was in quite a bad state. Jets had been drilled out to large, then stuffed with bits of wires to try to rectify this. Carb was in sorry state generaly. Lots of corroded parts and corroded body. I have not found anyone in thailand who can order OEM parts for the TW, even yamaha dealers, so i have to get spares sent from europe or US. Unless i find similar parts to fitt. Postage and especialy custom charges in thailand are outragous.

So it was cheaper to go with a brand new carb. 75 dollars roughly. It's a Klien. Not had time to check the numbers to find wich model. It's for a 250cc bike. seems to work fine.

My bike was running realy bad with wrong CDI a old carb. I hadn't ridden a tw before so didnt know what to expect after reading people complaining of power. I was dissapointed. It was very very slow. But after fitting new cdi, wiring, and carb it runs great. Tw has plenty of power for my needs on the island and our small roads. I love riding it. Plenty of power on mainland roads too. doing more than 110kmph is not safe on the roads here. Too many stray dogs, bad drivers and badly maintained roads.

anyway here are some carb pics, will update with numbers if anyone is interested later. I dont know what jets its running. I guess there are many carb options?


finished bike

getting it dirty at last!!

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Very nice! That's some different front end with a 180/80 tire?

Yea 180/80 front tyre. found a second hand conversion kit. Good for the sand i find.

will update carb numbers in a few days not at home now.
I'm really jealous of that front end. Im still running the stock front tire:( Looks a lot more like a BW now.

i was lucky to find it second hand

. But i heard a horror story from a thai policeman the other day (stopped for no helmet lol) he has a tw200. he said he 'bought' it from a guy who had previously crashed it. It had had a fat front mod. i think home made. It had destroyed itself. the front hub gave out. i think made from a standard front hub?? not sure if mine is like this or the A beard kit? looks wider than standard front hub. intend to check numbrs later.

seems ok
Beautiful bike! I'd like to know more about that gas tank too.

the tank is handmade. I found a fabricator who did the grap rail and a couple of other bits to the frame, and told him the shape i wanted and gave him the bike, he made it from scratch to my specs. very talented guy. needed some finishing off though not perfect. it flash rusted and had to use por 15. leaked at the cap at first, intil i filed flat and added another rubber.

Was unbelivably cheap. Unfortunataly not an off the shelf item for upgrade.

I saw a nice tank that is almost the same as mine. It is a suzuki GN250 tank. I think if i ever have to replace my tank i may try this tank next. pic of suzuki GN250 tank on a tw in singapore nasty paint job IMO but nice shape My link
will post carb details when i get them in a few days.

iam at the airport now.
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That GN250 looks like it should have a fire hose and ladder on it
lol yea
Got the numbers of my carb today. It's made in thailand, but possibly available elswhere.

It is a Keihin PE 74AABE24

I saw a new Keihin PE carb (Different model #) for 50 USD!!! on ebay. My link

Mech who fitted it said it should run better than standard carb. It seems to run very well to me but i never had it running properly with standard carb so cant compare.

I would only recomend this upgrade to people who need a new carb and want a cheaper option. I would also only recomend it to people not using the standard airbox as i dont know if it lines up properly??.

I did this mod out of nessecity
i am sure there are many aftermarket carbs available that are much cheaper than the TK if you know what your looking for.
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