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new carb

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I recently finished of my TW200 hollowmod build.

To save time, while finishing of my wiring i got a local mechanic to collect my carb and find an new air filter to fitt it and give it a clean.

Turned out my carb was in quite a bad state. Jets had been drilled out to large, then stuffed with bits of wires to try to rectify this. Carb was in sorry state generaly. Lots of corroded parts and corroded body. I have not found anyone in thailand who can order OEM parts for the TW, even yamaha dealers, so i have to get spares sent from europe or US. Unless i find similar parts to fitt. Postage and especialy custom charges in thailand are outragous.

So it was cheaper to go with a brand new carb. 75 dollars roughly. It's a Klien. Not had time to check the numbers to find wich model. It's for a 250cc bike. seems to work fine.

My bike was running realy bad with wrong CDI a old carb. I hadn't ridden a tw before so didnt know what to expect after reading people complaining of power. I was dissapointed. It was very very slow. But after fitting new cdi, wiring, and carb it runs great. Tw has plenty of power for my needs on the island and our small roads. I love riding it. Plenty of power on mainland roads too. doing more than 110kmph is not safe on the roads here. Too many stray dogs, bad drivers and badly maintained roads.

anyway here are some carb pics, will update with numbers if anyone is interested later. I dont know what jets its running. I guess there are many carb options?


finished bike

getting it dirty at last!!

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look cool!i am working on new project, might need to get a new carb. thanks for the info.
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