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New England / Massachusetts Riders

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I'm looking to get in some trail riding next season...I used to do a lot of mountain biking in these forests so I'd like to get back out there on the TW and mix it up a bit, nothing crazy...I don't have any trail riding buddies around here and I won't trail ride alone (had some spills on mountain bikes)...have to buy a better skid plate before I do though...if anyone else is interested let me know...I'd like to get up to Freetown since it's close, has 25 miles of trails and I'm the most familiar with it (although it's been quite a while)

if anyone else in New England wants to do some riding just post up

freetown state forest 25 miles

freetown trail map

other places in MA to ride

F. Gilbert Hills S.F, Foxboro, MA (OHM only) 8 miles

Franklin S.F, Franklin, MA (OHM only) 8 miles

Wrentham S.F, Wrentham, (OHM only) 8 miles
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keep these new england names together untill spring, im looking for a tw befor spring (north of boston)

thers alot that IS leagel but not know and alot NOT leagel but not enforced,

we could talk all winter about the pros and cons, but remember maners go a long way in the woods,
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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