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New exhaust Newb question

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Ok sooooo pretty much will I need to rejet my carb or do anything to it for that matter if I just end up cutting the stock pipe down and putting this on. Its a simple clean way to get the exhaust where I want it. Im still not to sure what rejeting does or what jets are good for these bikes anyway but thats another day.

So long question short I will I need to touch the carb after putting this on to keep it running right.

Supertrapp 3 in. pipe (1 1/4 inlet) and core ~ 3171250
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i see some things that you might want to look at. looking at the pic i can see that if you slide the inlet over the mid pipe it might not seal. make sure you have a good graphite ring in the exhaust. it will go in where those little slots are. just like on the stock. try and i think you can buy a stock graphite ring for about 6bucks, its worth having a new one.. " i think there graphite" the other thing is that you MIGHT have an issue with mounting the exhaust. i cant find the length of this exhaust either, make sure its long enough so your leg dont touch it. it might get hot. also, read the review that is posted on about this exhaust.
after looking at my tdub i dont think this exhaust would be good for a tw. if you stay with the stock mid pipe you might run into issues with good clearance between the rear shock and the frame. another area id be concerned about is weather or not the exhaust will rub on the rear tire. i THINK the stock mid pipe is too short. if the exhaust comes loose and gets caught in the rear wheel, it could lock up the rear tire and then you might fall to the ground. as far as the plates go dennis kirk does not supply them with the exhaust according to the reviews on and other websites. check out the DG series slip on exhaust. thats what i run and i love it!!!
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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