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pro-grips 714 are popular. the negative i found was the little holes hold water in them, so if you park in rain, they lead to wet hands when other grips would not. they are comfortable grips though.

My link

i use oury road grips. i always ride with a pair of gloves. i don't find them as comfortable as the pro-grips with bare hands, but with gloves, i love them.

for removing the old grips, i just slice down the center with a razor blade and peel them off.

for putting on the new grips, i have tried many, many different methods. the very best thing i have found is golf grip tape.

with the grip glues that are sold for motorcycles, they dry fast (too fast) and are a pain in the ass to use.

the golf grip tape is a double sided tape, you wrap the bar, put a solvent on the tape which makes the grip slide right over the tape, gives you plenty of time to position the grip where you want it, then it dries and the grip is locked in place.

a similar thing to use is friction tape that you can get for around a dollar at lowes/home depot (hockey stick tape). wrap the bar and put some rubbing alcohol on it, then slide the grip on. works better than glues, imo, but not as easy as the golf grip tape (but much cheaper).
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