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New Guy Needs Advice

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Hi everyone im new to this site i have been searching the net trying to find a good reliable bike cuz mosta mine are junk and some how i stumbled across your site honestly in the past i never knew much about the tw and kinda blew them off till now but i poked around on here and i was really suprised the tw sounds like exactly what im looking for but now the problem is i have to start looking for one is there anything i should know b4 i get started like common problems or issues that i should watch out for?
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Yes, there are things you should know, like punctuation and capitalization are your friends.

The stock chain is junk.

A few years ago some years had a problem with oil leaks at the cylinder/case junction. Most can be cured by installing a 2010 model year gasket. Some have claimed the cases were not machined properly.

'87s had an oddball electrical system for which replacement parts are not always available. A later model electrical system can be retrofitted, but as a cost effective solution one would need a wrecked or otherwise thrashed cheap donor bike for the necessary parts.

'87 to '00 models had a 35 watt headlight bulb, so if riding at night is in your future you'd do well to find a '01 or newer and install a Sylvania Silverstar Ultra H4 bulb. You will then have one of the most functional motorcycle headlights ever.

Other than that, there are no real deal breakers.
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Sorry about the punctuation thing i did better in shop class in high school lol. I do ride alot at night tho so i will keep in mind the headlight thing i hate not being able to see good, 01 was also the yr they did away with the kick start and added the disk break correct? That break change sounds a little bit better than a drum.
My eyes and brain have faulty connections. Reading internet slang is difficult for me.

Not a whole lot of difference between the brakes most of the time. Both are weak. An HID conversion draws low enough amperage that one can be adapted to an early model, but you'll need a battery in the lighting circuit to strike and maintain the arc. If you are sufficiently handy, you can figure out how to do it.
Buy a set of screwdrivers from you local dealership. A regular one strips heads because the screws are more shallow, you can tell by the head that has a hole steaked in them. Or you can replace them with machine screws like I did after striping one on my carb. Not exactly sure what they are called but I'm sure someone on here will be able to help you out. You could probably just take some old ones to a bench grinder and get the same results.
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