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new guy

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hey there, i just bought a tw a few months ago and i love it. i been riding bikes since i was 8 and never had my license. always had dirt bikes till now, i finally got my license, and im now doing the ride to the trail thing and i love it ! the tw is perfect for what i do. it's a 2000 tw , great shape and only 5,000 miles on it..... pics soon cool forum, with lots of info !!
take care, randy....
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Welcome Randy! Show off your mods
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got no mods,,yet,,,,,,,lol thanks

Oh you will, the ideas will start creeping up on you, slow at first..... then, the floodgates will open and you'll have all sorts of crazy ideas on how to fix up your TW.... Or is that just me? Nah, we're all crazy!

It's already started for you, a light cut off circuit... Next will be a beefy skidplate, some wider pegs, maybe taller bars.... LOL... Have fun!
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