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Hi guys and gals,

I'm new here and just wanted to say hi! I just picked up a 2005 black and silver TW200 two days ago and am already having a blast

with it! A little background about myself; I've been riding motorcycles/atvs basically since I could walk. I've owned/traded/sold a

little bit of everything, but for the last couple years I've been without a bike... And it flat out sucked. I've felt like

something has been "missing" in my life. My last bike was a 2001 Kawasaki Super Sherpa, and after owning many 125s it was a cool

but VERY slow change of pace. I could be much more technical in trails, with more control, and I also had it street legal (Huge

Bonus). To me that was the coolest thing ever, ride to school, ride to work, ride all day in the trails, get good gas mileage all

on the same little bike. Before the Sherpa I had a dedicated street bike and a dedicated dirt bike which was expensive and I went

with out a car for a few years to be able to afford two bikes. Anyhow, back to the Sherpa. I thought I'd never sell that bike, I

picked it up super cheap off of a friend who let it sit for years, got it running, did a little maintnance and just flat rode the

crap out of it. Well my life took a turn for the worse my junior year in college (about a year after owning the bike), long story

short, a girl t-boned me in my VW MKII GTi and the insurance company stiffed me. Being the broke college kid I was, I sold the bike

to add those funds to the insurance money and purchased another car. From then on, life just got in the way. While finishing

college I just couldn't afford to pick up another bike, then I graduated got a pretty sweet job, but it required me to fly to a job

site every Monday and fly home every Friday. All that traveling went on for just over a year, and I just didn't have the time to

ride with that busy schedule. About a year ago my company decided they wanted to relocate me too NYC because thats where I traveled

almost exclusively for the last three months of the M-F gig. Once I got up here I knew immediately it was time for another bike,

but between finding a place to park/store it and a few other hobbies of mine, it inevitably was pushed off again. Well the other

day, for some odd reason I decided to get on Craigslist to look at bikes... and THERE IT WAS!!! an 03 Super Sherpa in CT for $1850.

4500 miles, all street ridden (easier life), second owner with a good maintnence understanding. I called the guy, everything seemed

cool. I arranged to go up there that Saturday to view the bike. I was itching with excitement (as it was only thursday). I got up

early and called Saturday morning (SUPER EXCITED).... and he mentioned it was sold Friday night... I was honestly pretty let down,

and at this time I was bitten by the bike bug again. It was like a disease. So I started searching HIGH AND LOW for Sherpas, but to

no avail (atleast within reasonable distance or price) . So I broke down and decided to broaden my search (though I was pretty

reluctant; for some reason I just couldn't get those great times on that bike out of my head), and I stumbled across a TW200... I

was honestly enamoured by the looks!! Those HUGE TIRES LOOKED AWESOME!!! I was hooked at first sight and knew if I didn't find a

Sherpa soon, this appeared to be an awesome second choice. Immediate Google searches began, and I saw many comparison threads

between the TW and the Sherpa! I was stoked!!! I searched a little more for one and the next day one turned up right down the road

from me here in Brooklyn. 05 with 8600 miles, a couple little mods and an extra set of new tires for 1800. Talked the guy down to

$1700 AND HERE I AM!!! I love this bike!!! it reminds me of the Sherpa in so many ways but has it's own cool little quirks to boot.

I'd love to keep writing and writing, but all this thinking has me itching to go out for a cruise!!!

I plan to be an active member here, and look forward to meeting you all, whether it's over the internet or out on our bikes! BTW if

you're in the NYC area and ever want to ride, HIT ME UP!!!

And a pic, cause I know you're gonna ask hahaha!!

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Welcome, you have found what I believe is one of the most useful and friendly forums that I have ever encountered. It has great members that seem to enjoy helping people solve problems, recommend mods, or just bull__itting about our underrated TDUB S. You'll rarely hear " try the search function " which I can't get to work, anyway. ( maybe that's why I never hear it ) I just google the question, and click on an answer that brings you back here, and you will quickly find the right answer. You'll find that there are many who are very knowledgable, and many, like me, who are just learning. Everyone adds there own elements and that has shortened my learning curve immeasurably. Good luck, have fun, happy trails, and try to keep the rubber side down. Dave
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