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New here &new TW owner (jetting question)

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Hey my name is alex I am new to this forum So i want to start off by saying Hi. I just had some quick questions, i am a new TW200 owner, i just picked up an 03' about 5 days ago. My TW's exhaust was rotted out from just being used it seems like, so i purchased a DG exhaust for it, which greatly improved the sound and even added some power. This TW had never been modded or touched before I bought it, just regular maintenance done for a daily commuter was what the previous owner did. So as of right now the entire bike is stock besides the pipe. I noticed it back fired/made a pop noise a couple of times when i was riding it, and i have been reading these bikes tend to run lean as is to meet emission standards. I was wondering what would be some base line jetting sizes to go off of for my bike with a pipe in California at sea level? I live in dana point, CA its a city pretty much right on the ocean, my plan is to ride this bike for fun up and down PCH (pacific coats hwy). I already plan on doing the air box mod (taking the snorkle out) and shimming the needle, I just wanted to know what stock jetting would be in my carb and where to go from there please? Thanks in advance, have a good one.........Alex
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Check your spark plug to see if the fouling indicates a very lean condition. If it doesn't, then don't change anything!
To piggy back on what Lizrdbrth said, My TW had a larger jet in it and a shimmed needle when I got it. I found it was a little doggy when I rode it at 6000 to 8000 feet, which in the summer I tend to do more. The plug was carbon fouled so I put the standard jet in and found it works pretty well for me from 5000-8000 feet.

Now that it is cooler, and my riding is more between 3000 and 6000 feet I'm going to check the plug to see if I am good or if I need to go back to the fatter jet and shim.

I'm thinking cooler air is denser than hot air and since I'm riding lower I may be running lean.
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1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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