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New here to the forum. So glad I found this forum.

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Hey all,

I picked up a 1989 blue/light blue TW about a month ago, which is in great shape. I plan to use it for riding some trails out behind my house here in north central Indiana and teaching my girlfriend to ride. Perfect chance for her to cut her teeth since it just so happens the TW is perfect for that too! Also eventually for her to tool around on our side of town. I already enjoy buzzing around, running errands, and rode it to work too. The trails out back have been there for many years, I was out there on saturday afternoon and between 4x4 trucks, atvs, and motorcycles there was probably 20 some people riding. Which was cool since I havnt been out there since I retired my banshee to my dads farm a couple years ago. It was too loud and way too fast to enjoy the trails the way I like to enjoy them. There is also a branch off of the main trail that leads to a good buddy of mines' house. The TW has been incredibly enjoyable and has fit the bill perfectly! I remember the first time I seen one. My friends dad had one parked in their garage one day when I walked in, it immediatly grabbed my attention with its wide rear end. They were farmers and he got it to ride out to his fields and check them out in the spring. Now, it also just so happens that he had a Harley Sportster he had won and he would let his son ride it into high school. An image that burned deep into my soul, and would "have to have one, someday." Now I do have one, a night train. and I bought it in 02'. Some how the TW took a backseat in my memory until this winter and was looking at Fat Cat type motorcycles for the winter. Then I came across the forgotten TW! It would be perfect for me to take full advantage of all the different types riding and teaching possibilities that surround me. Like I said its been pleasent and its enough to have lots of cheap fun. I have been lurching around here for a few months now. This must be the head of the "cult" forums for this cool little ride. (I hope so!) Times short now so Ill get back with some pics and more boring but personnal stories. Like how I feel like Im 7 again and on my old arctic cat mini bike.


Ryan G.
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Welcome to the Forum! A lot of good info on here. Get on over to the tech section and download the manuals and read all of the stickies. Most all of the common questions have been answered in there.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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