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New member and front tire questions

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Hi All--

Brand new forum member, I recently bought an 06 TW200. I was thinking this would be good bike to learn and have fun for a long time. I got myself a helmet, protective jacket, gloves, and pants... Boots and shin guards on back order. Nephew (WR250) asks, if I want to go to Stoddard Wells. Of course, I do... Dumb, dumb... Should have waited for all my gear. Anyway, started riding and the front tire seems really squirrely. Of course, I tried to keep up with nephew (another dumb decision), so front tire slides out and I ended up with a broken fibula. Not a great start. Well, in 3 months I'll start over and try again. Hopefully this time, I'll do it right. So, I have a couple of questions:

Any other protective gear I should be riding with?

What are my front tire options? Hoping for 50/50 dirt/street, after this last ride I would like to error on the side of dirt...

Any recommendations for riding courses in the Las Vegas area?

Thanks a bunch in advance for your help.

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Oh, what is recommended tire pressure for dirt and street???

Thanks again.
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