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I am designing my own adapter for me and my friend. I know about lizrd brths adapter, but honestly, I don't like the looks of it. Here in EU I know only about imported lizrds adapters by sebastian - TWparts.
Here is a 3d printed model, I'd say it's final design.
View attachment 220178
It has holes for m10 metric banjo bolts and I plan on making the lines from hardline. I also plan to stop the original oil flow to the head ( that tiny 1,5mm hole behind the oil filter) and bring it by hardline to the "oil check bolt" on the head. That will need another adapter from M6 in the head to M10 banjo bolt. Internally. It will have the same 1,5mm hole to feed the head. I am doing this because I want to cool the head too, since the oil cooler may cause worse cooling effect of the fins on the head and cylinder. Hence why there is double banjo bolt on one outlet of the adapter.
I also plan to mesure temp of cooled oil by DT dashboard View attachment 220179
Mounting holes don't exactly match, but I'll figure something out, even if it should be new mounting bracket. The oil light will be wired to oil pressure switch. Service manual says the oil system should operate at 0.8-1.2bar. I just need to find the right pressure switch that'll fit.
And yeah, the tach will be used too, but that will require some custom electronics and mini servo motor. Back to the adapter.
I plan to seal it by gasket, not o-ring like OE. Two reasons: 1. I don't want the oil to shortcut the oil cooler - there is no seal between the pre-filter area and the hole by which the oil flows to crank.
2. Less machining. I stretched the hole to make up room between the two banjos. See here: View attachment 220180
Oh and rare earth magnet is there too. Partly to catch tiny metallic debree that made its way tgrough the filter and partly to replicate the OE fin - the thing that lifts the filter to the right spot when putting on the cover. As a side effect the filter comes out with the adapter/cover when disassembling. I see that as no problem, but time will tell. Easy enough to pull it out, I plan to have it lightly pressed in.
The oil Cooler is from Dr650. I made it to fit m10 banjo bolts too. View attachment 220181

In the future when I get to upgrading to 225 6spd I want to fit yfm350 oil pump. For more oil flow. At least try it and measure what it does with pressures. It requires maching off 3mm in the crankcases. I found about this on FB.

Any ideas and/or opinions?
Oh. And if there is interest, I can make more adapters.
Nice work bro!!
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