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Just picked up a 2004 TW200 with 3,000 miles. Its my first motorcycle. I am planning to use it for hunting and doubt if I will drive many highway miles, mostly low speed driving on section line and ranch roads, pasture trails, etc.

I found a Moto-Tote on Craigslist for a bargain. It has a little sway that I'm getting used to, it seems to work well. May need to add some auxiliary tail lights. Found a Coleman Comfort Ride ATV Seat Cover on Amazon for about $20 and it fits great. It makes the seat much more comfortable in the hot weather we have been having in Oklahoma. Added some larger foot pegs from Amazon. Next up is a helmet and a rack, and most importantly developing good driving skills.

Can you offer some guidance on the following matters;

Is there a way to make the stock muffler even more quiet? The goal is to drive around a ranch without alerting all the deer in the area.

Can the seat be raised? I would prefer a little more distance between the foot pegs and the seat.

When fall rolls around, I would like to have the option of driving without the lights on all the time. Any suggestions?

What is the least number and the most essential tools that I should carry on the bike?

Have you seen any neat mod's for a bike used for hunting?

Any other suggestions?


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The best suggestion I can make for a new rider is: "If your State has a Stars Program for motorcycle riders, Take It."

Happy Trails All

Ron in Boise
Right on Ron. I've been riding for decades and was a motor officer with a city PD (with a break while my kids were growing up - wife insisted) and I took the course before I began riding again. Nice tune-up.
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