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New Owner!

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I just purchased a 91 TW200 and have some general questions regarding what I should look for as far as replacing / servicing. The bike had 9400 miles. I did ride it when I bought it and it ran good. It was hard to start though. Im just looking for basic known issues I should look for. Also what oil do you guys recommend?
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Give the carb a good cleaning and replace the carb float's needle/seat.

Throw a new spark plug in it.

Your pilot jet is most likely gummed up causing a hard to start issue.

Give the valves a check.

Grease up all the zerks.

Give the battery a good charge and make sure its terminals are clean of corrosion and that it is not low on water.

Replace the air filter.

Basically, give it a tune up. Helps you learn the bike and creates a baseline for maintenance intervals. Go to the manual for additional checks/balances. There is a free manual on this forum in the Technical Section.

Run an oil that's suitable for motorcycles with wet clutches.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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