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New Owner!

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I just purchased a 91 TW200 and have some general questions regarding what I should look for as far as replacing / servicing. The bike had 9400 miles. I did ride it when I bought it and it ran good. It was hard to start though. Im just looking for basic known issues I should look for. Also what oil do you guys recommend?
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No rebuild kit available other than quirky aftermarket "jet kits" of dubious quality and function. I've cleaned/rebuilt several dozen TW200 carbs of various vintage over the years and with careful disassembly never needed to replace a single part that wasn't damaged by a previous hamfisted mechanic.

If you have a North American market bike, your starting problems are as likely caused by the EPA-mandated lean carb tuning as any "problem" with the condition of the carb. Fortunately, the cure for both is the same, a careful carb rebuild and rejet. I'd rebuild the carb, install a more suitable main jet unless your market already has such a jet installed, stick a flat washer under the needle circlip, and set the pilot screw about 2.5 turns out. I'd do a complete and full service/adjustment/tune session and address every item in the maintenance schedule using the appropriate materials and supplies. Other than a main jet and a flat washer, I certainly wouldn't be spending any money on carb parts without giving the bike a chance to show what it does and doesn't need.
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