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New Trail Tech Vapor install for Muley

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About a month ago I crashed Muley trying to ascend a dry wash... the way she fell she landed on the left front part of the bike and it took out my stock speedo. (I bailed in mid-air and landed in a fetal position on the ground. Thank God for helmets! Slight bruising on my left side...)

Well, that caused me to want to "re-engineer" my instrumentation area. So here is what I did. I created a new shelf that would hold a new Trail Tech Vapor with the "dashboard" bezel. I put this on the left side. Next to it I have a blue LED lighted switch that turns on / off my high beams along with a red LED indicator that my high beam switch is on. Next to this I have a red LED switch that turns on power to my (now) hard wired Garmin GPS (60csx and 205w) and a 12vdc lighter socket.

I'm quite pleased with the results and I must say that the Trail Tech Vapor is really cool. I love all the data points that it collects and displays.

Here are some pictures:

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JS5, good to see you back and providing further inspiration. Dash looks great! Gerry

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I do. I like all the data points that it collects and the fact that it has a tach and run time counter. It does take a bit of time to familiarize oneself with which buttons to press to see things, but that learning is part of my "geek" enjoyment.

I really admire your 'complete geekiness'. I am nerd, with only a bit of geekiness. I seem to lack the perseverance and memory needed to understand and retain pertinent 'techno gadget' operation

Fortunately, my Spot rescue beacon requires only the touch of a single button once turned on. While using my gps (3), I generally look at the screen the device presents me with. If I get a screen the presents me with tide tables, I know I need to start pushing buttons. Once that button pushing stage is reached, I frequently get a screen that provides me a nicely detailed topographical region in another state. My latest push was to upgrade my 'communications system'. I worked to aquire an amateur radio license and purchased a very nice 'full featured' 2 meter radio. On every ride to the middle of no-where, I am still able to pickup and listen clearly so someone. Seems in 'Ham land' folks in the know frequently use "repeaters" to kick up the operating range of their sets. I have yet to master the technique required to connect with someone using a repeater. The use of my Vapor instrument panel is much the same. I have made 'cheat sheets' for all, but still, operation of my techno gadgets is labored and inefficient. My helmet is off to you Geeky folks.......... Gerry


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