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New Trail Tech Vapor install for Muley

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About a month ago I crashed Muley trying to ascend a dry wash... the way she fell she landed on the left front part of the bike and it took out my stock speedo. (I bailed in mid-air and landed in a fetal position on the ground. Thank God for helmets! Slight bruising on my left side...)

Well, that caused me to want to "re-engineer" my instrumentation area. So here is what I did. I created a new shelf that would hold a new Trail Tech Vapor with the "dashboard" bezel. I put this on the left side. Next to it I have a blue LED lighted switch that turns on / off my high beams along with a red LED indicator that my high beam switch is on. Next to this I have a red LED switch that turns on power to my (now) hard wired Garmin GPS (60csx and 205w) and a 12vdc lighter socket.

I'm quite pleased with the results and I must say that the Trail Tech Vapor is really cool. I love all the data points that it collects and displays.

Here are some pictures:

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2 gps's ?

My Oregon does both trails and roads your hand held does not?

Nice job though good luck, try not to loop her with your

new pretty kit

The 60csx does not do streets very well. I like to be told where to turn and the 205w does that! <grin> Plus I love data collecting.
Good to see your mod, clean setup. When we all going on a ride ???? You are the Best TW Desert magnet/Director/Host/Ride Engineer/Trail Buster. Build it and they will come.....I've seen it.


Awe shucks! I've been riding my Victory Vision all over the place. I acquired her in April and have almost 8.5k (s)miles.

Adam and I have taken a few local trails including getting ourselves into places that we shouldn't have! <grin>
I like your mount for the Garmin 60CSx, I have one as well that I want to mount this spring. thanks for the pics, do you love that Vopor over the stock analog?

I do. I like all the data points that it collects and the fact that it has a tach and run time counter. It does take a bit of time to familiarize oneself with which buttons to press to see things, but that learning is part of my "geek" enjoyment.
Does the Garmin play dvds too, or can you use netflix on that...?

How did you know... <grin> Plus, it blends a great drink too! Happy New Year!
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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