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Next weekend we are touring the owyhee lake area, camping and some riding
I've ridden a lot around the area you plan to camp-n-ride.
There are a lot of cool old homesteads and ranches on both sides of the Owyhee River at the headwaters of Lake Owyhee. Many are just remnants of foundations of what was a structure but sometimes you can see the old buildings. A few to consider are the Birch Creek Ranches (consisting of Birch Creek and Morrison Ranch). Hole in the Wall Ranch, the same side of the river upstream from Birch Creek (separate roads). Hattie Harrold Ranch downstream from Birch Creek. All on the east side of the river. Griffith Ranch is on the west side not too far from Hattie Harrold Ranch. There is a river ford just downstream of Hattie Harrold. If the water level is low you can cross it carefully on a TW. I did it a few years ago.
Of course, there are lots to see just around the lake as well as a trail or two will take you down to the lake to cabins. Leslie Gulch is a must-see if you haven't been.
If it's not too hot you're gonna love the desert riding in the area.
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