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Hey Guys,

First post from a fist time TW owner.

This bike is a reentry vehicle for me and hopefully a first road bike for my wife.

I found an affordable and well maintained 93 with 3600 miles.

Here is a picture :

I have a million questions but for now I will start with the clutch as this is the most pressing.

It will quickly become obvious that I am not a bike wrench and haven't learned much about working on these.

If we say that the clutch lever fully pulled into the grip is 0 and fully released away from the grip is 10, this bike doesn't start to engage and roll forward until the lever is out perhaps as far as 8 and is fully out by 9. The clutch feels strong and doesn't seem to be slipping or serge but it has such little range of operation and also so late on the release that it's hard to get a smooth take off. Great for shifting as you can just bump it.

I found one forum topic discussing the return spring and mine has the little hook end up and over the top as was indicated to be correct.

Last evening I looked at the adjustment on the lever assembly and it was fully screwed in. By this I mean to suggest that none of the inner barrel is showing. I tried slowly unscrewing this adjustment and this rather quickly resulted in having no clutch operation at all. I could full release the level without the bike moving forward. I reversed this and it went back as before.

I noticed one other adjustment down on the engine close to the return spring but did not try to adjust it. Thought I would check with you guys first.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Been 30 years since I last owned a bike and so far so good. This bike is far more capable than I am and we are getting on just fine. I find it quite spunky and quick around the farm. Certainly fast enough for me at this stage of reentry.

Thanks in advance and it's nice to meet you all. Spent several long evenings exploring this forum and already found a wealth of info.



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If you put the handlebar adjuster about half way, then use the bottom adjuster to slacken the cable so you have a little free play at the lever you will then be able to re-adjust at the handle bar to your liking.

6 posts from the top of this section is a free manual to download.
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