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New TW200 owner, need help!

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Hi team,

I recently bought a glorious import TW200 (been looking for years!) and I was wondering whether you could offer some advice on a few things.

The electric start has ceased to work, it just clicks as if there is not enough power. I know that the battery was replaced to a larger size just before I collected it. I thought that after riding it consistently for a few days that it may charge it, but it still gives 1-2 turns then click, click, click.

The air filter has started to corrode (see attached photos). What is the BEST air filter for a TW200? and what is the normal SIZE I would be after?

Also, what is the red button for next to the choke pin?

Am I able to clean the air filter to get this white, corrosion like dust off it?

Thanks guys, I have attached links to the pictures below because I wasnt sure if the pictures would display within the forum post.

Happy riding team, stay upright!

one of the hoses connecting my air filter pod

Old air filter I want to change out

To find the correct air filter size, do I measure the carby at this point?

What is this red pin/button for?

What would be causing this white dust/corrosion on my pod filter? Can it be cleaned off?
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Red button is an air bleed. Use it to lean the mixture at high altitude or on a hot or flooded engine..

It's plugged off on U.S. models. Seems to be a Euro thing. Where did you import it from/to?
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Ah. The outline of the port is in our carb castings but isn't machined.

I'm guessing that some version somewhere is available with an adjustable air jet needle and seat, as well.

It's sort of the opposite of a choke. Blends more air into the system rather than fuel.

Enjoy. That may come in handy here and there.
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I live at 4,000 feet. I'd hate to see you stuck with that ugly, oddball red button so as a gesture of international good will I propose a swap

You guys not only get the good bikes that we can't get but you often get better versions of the ones that we can. lol.

Please don't tell me that it also has a 3-position, stepped needle with a clip, as well. I don't think I could handle knowing that the rest of the free world still get real carburetors.
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