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Newbie considering a T-Dub

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Having reached my mid 50's I just checked another off of the Bucket List, "Get your motorcycle licence" Now I need to consider a bike.

Being the proud owner of two Rokons, a 1968 and 1970, and a member of "RokonWorld" forum I noticed a few guy's talking about TW-200's so as soon as I Googled one up...well you know... I gotta have one!

So do I buy a new one? or should I look for a slightly used one?

I am looking to learn about the differences between the model years, etc...

Looking at the newer white ones...well not my favorite color...the slightly older blue ones look OK...

Let me thank the TW200 members up front for posting any info to help me make my choice.

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As Brian said, there really are no "bad" TWs. Even the '87s can be retrofitted with later electrics. Probably not worth doing unless an otherwise cherry '87 and later year donor can both be had for little or nothing.

Major changes occured with the 2001 models:

1) Front drum to front disc brake;

2) Different (not necessarily better) carb;

3) Automatic cam chain adjuster;

4) Higher electrical output;

5) H4 halogen headlight (definite plus).

Other than that, occasional minor changes, such as different main jets in the carb and relocated mounting for the muffler.

One change that really needs to be made is a better chain--the OEM chain sucks.
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