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Newbie TW owner

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Hi All

I just got a 2007 TW 200 with fairly low mileage (1440km) for the wife to ride. The bike was previously used by a security company to patrol a neighborhood, but subsequently they withdrew it from service because they couldn't find security guards with bike licenses. The bike has therefore not really been used since 2008. I would like to get it looked at (i.e. serviced) before we start using it, but I would like to get some tips as to what might need attention. The battery is dead of course, so that needs replacement. I'll also get the oil changed, chain lubed etc. What else do I need to look out for? Even with the infrequent use it starts first kick, and runs fairly smoothly.

Any advice is appreciated.
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Welcome digit. Congrats on the ride. We just got a new to us 1991 on Saturday.

If it is starting easily, I wouldn't think it needs much attention other than like you say, lube the chain and change oil. Might be a good idea to add a few ounces of Seafoam to the tank. This will help clean some light grunge out of the carb.

First kick? Your '07 has a kicker?

Ride safe
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Hey pantera1

That's a nice looking T you've got there!

I considered something like Seafoam, but it's not available here (South Africa), and I'm not sure which of the locally available products to trust. I've always been rather sceptical about additives...

Yep it's got a kicker. I'm guessing by your question that it's not supposed to have one? Maybe a market specific thing?
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