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Hi TDub Folks

I've been lurking not long but just enough.

I am "on the road again" and trails so to speak.

Bought an Ebay TW200 in Michigan. 1989 Black and Red with 2200 miles.

Only way I could get one it seems. These suckers don't last long.

Well I lucked out. Bike is in great shape. Everything appears to work well.

I have been flying around town in Northern Ontario and loving the simplicity

of this marvelous little bike. Just changed the oil as per the pinned article.

Learning lots and in quick time thanks to this gem of a board.

Original sprokets and I just fly the gears like a motorcross but

gingerly. I'm glad she is not a rocket because my RD350/400 days were hard on

on the local traffic cops..and yours truly...

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