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Since last Monday i have tried to head out to Dell City to start this ride.

Even before i have had the feeling to not ride it.
Most of the time I listen to myself on this, but wanted to ride so much that i disregarded my feelings.

Attempts :

1st - Rode about 20 miles from home, bike did not feel right. Too heavy. Turned around and unloaded some stuff.

2nd - Rode about 150 miles from home, bike was not acting right.
I know very well i had checked, or thought i had checked everything on bike.
Chain seemed to be slapping the swing arm and brakes seemed to be losing what brakes are suppose to do.
Went back home, just because. Fixed those items and took off again.

3rd - Since i had plenty of time, decided to go by Hewitt and see my grankids.
Left there and went a piece and my GPS started flipping from bike power to internal power.
Didn't think anything of it because of where the GPS wires were tied into. Just thought they were starting to pullout and needed some tape to hold them in.
Rode for about another 15 miles to fuel up. Shut the bike down, filled up and the went to start it up.
Turn the key key on and something just didn't seem right. Was not till i had the starter button that i realized none of the lights were on.
Pushed the bike to the side of building and tried to look up behind headlight to see if anything was dangling loose. Nope, nothing.
Took it apart for better look behind there, still nothing.
Unloaded the bike, took the seat off, couldn't find my voltmeter. So just had a look at all the wiring, looking for a bad spot, nothing.
All this time doing this, i would look at the front lights to see if they had come back on.
Lifted the battery a bit for some reason, and let it slid (drop) back into place.
Was looking at front a again and notice the lights were back on. So I started it to make sure that things were back to normal.
Put everything back together, started it up and swung around to restaurant to get something eat n drink.. freaking hot weather it was.

Went in ate and came back. No lights on bike showing.
Just decided to push start it and get my self on home, again.

After checking again and again, the only thing it could be is the battery with a loose plate or something.
Because the lights would come on some times (intermittent) , but not be enough to even begin the turn the engine over.

So this morning i went and bought a new battery from Batteriesplus.
The salesperson said it might down a little bit from sitting on the shelf.
That was fine with me, i would charge it at home.

Well, hooking the battery charger, Bad Battery light on. Something an't right here.
Turns out there was no acid in the battery, none at all.

What gets me is that salesperson had said it might be a little down the charge.

I am really ticked off now.
Called them and no apology, just a response of someone must not have filled it. never mind that i was told it had been charged.
Said to bring in and they would fill it. Ought just go to walmart and buy a battery there and take this one back and my money.
Haven't had a bit of trouble with the one i bought there and put in my DR.
No float charger, turns right over and starts with out hesitation after setting for over a month outside in the cold.

So with all the above, guess I'll listen to myself and not ride the NMBDR.
You never know.

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Things happen but don't let it ruin your plans. Look at it this way. Your getting a chance to bullet proof the Dub even more.
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